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A Brief history of electronic cigarettes

Ecigarettes have been around for a while, but it was only recently that they caught on in the United States. Herbert A. Gilbert filed the first patent for an electronic cigarette in 1963; however, the idea did not catch on and was eventually buried by the big tobacco companies.

The electronic cigarette laid dormant for about forty years until 2003 a medical researcher in China named Han Lik decided to develop the modern electronic cigarette after his father passed away from lung cancer. The idea behind the new e-cigarette was that smokers could have nicotine via inhalation but without the chemicals used to process the tobacco and the carcinogenic (cancer causing) smoke. The new product spread quickly from China to Europe, but did not really appear in the mainstream U.S.A. market until around 2007. Later the World Health Organization recognized the electronic cigarette which ultimately increased the popularity and eventually gave birth to the Vape or Vaping culture.

Originally the electronic cigarette looked similar in shape and size to a regular cigarette; however, the vaping industry has had several technological advances that led to the creation of highly technical devices, some with touch screens and some that even attach or connect via Bluetooth to your cell phone.

The Basics to getting started with Vaping in Denver Colorado.

Picking a mod, battery, or device. (It’s important to remember that in most instances these terms are used interchangeably). The Mod that you choose should fit the style and look that you want, but more importantly it contains the battery, so if you are planning on vaping a lot without having to stop to charge, choose one with a larger battery life. Picking a tank. This is the piece that contains or will hold the ejuice that you will be vaping. The tank that you choose can be stylish, but remember just like a gas tank, once it is empty you have to refill. If you want to switch flavors often, or not refill as often, this should influence your choice. Tanks can vary in size and whether you fill your eJuice from the top or the bottom.

Picking a drip tip.

This is the item you put in your mouth to inhale from. Choose a drip tip that looks stylish, but also one that is comfortable to your lips. Picking an eJuice flavor. This is the juice that contains the flavor and nicotine level you will be inhaling. This is all pure preference and you will only know what you like by trying different flavors and getting help from trained staff on nicotine levels.

Remember, not all eJuice is created equal. The main ingredients that can be found in ejuice are: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, and Nicotine. Quality eJuice is essential in making the switch to vaping from smoking. Finding the right nicotine level is also extremely important in your success. EJuice should be packaged in either glass or plastic bottles, and all caps must be child resistant (President Obama signed the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, a law that will require refill containers for liquid nicotine products to have child-resistant packaging). Remember to shake well before using!

Now you are ready to start vaping in Denver Colorado!
Transitioning to an eCigarette when you’re used to using regular tobacco products is not as intimidating as one might think. While many vapers look to make a clean cut from smoking to vaping, others have to transition slowly.


Vaping has grown exponentially in recent years, and some forecasts predict vaping to outpace traditional tobacco sales by the end of the decade.
Last but not least, it is very important to understand the laws in Denver Colorado concerning where one is legally permitted to vape, or use an e cigarette. Currently in Denver Colorado use of vaping products are permitted only where smoking is also permitted. Currently Vaping is prohibited on school property, all other public indoor areas in Denver Colorado such as bars, and restaurants, are exempt for the State of Colorado’s regulations except where a designated smoking area is reserved.