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Our candles are made with 100% soy wax from soybeans grown right here, in the heart of America. With 100% soy wax, you are getting a very clean burning candle without the petro-carbon soot often found in other candle waxes. It is not possible to find a certified organic soy wax, as most soybeans are not certified organic, however, the soy wax we use is as close to it as you can get.  From our soy wax manufacturer: “Our waxes are organic under the original meaning of ‘natural’ or ‘from nature’. It is not considered “Certified Organic” as that would require more documentation than is available for candle wax.”

Our wicks are coreless, non-directional, and flat braided, ensuring a clean burn with minimal mushrooming and maximum scent throw. We only use premium wicks sourced in the United States.

Actually, we’re glad you asked, there is! Lighting a candle for the first time is fun because you get to see how the scent fills your home, however, it is also really important, because if you don’t let it burn long enough, you’ll create a ‘tunnel’ that your candle may have a hard time recovering from. Each time you light your candle, make sure you first trim the wick to ¼” and let the candle burn until there is an even layer of melted wax across the entire surface. This will ensure your candle has the longest life!

Unless you like the soot and smoke that comes with blowing a candle out, not to mention the potential to get hot wax everywhere, we always recommend that you snuff out your candles with a candle snuffer.

While many things last longer when frozen, that is not the case for candles. Freezing your candles can actually create damage by cracking the wax, so save your freezer space for ice cream!

The official name of a person who makes candles is a ‘chandler’, derived from the French word ‘chandelier’, however here in Montana, we’re just called ‘Cool People’!

If you are a small business that provides products made in the USA to your customers, shoot us an email with “Wholesale” in the subject line or fill out our retail request form here. Our candles are in many stores across America. We’d love to connect!

We know you are excited to get the goods, so most orders will process within 24 hours. 

In the event that we run out of stock with a candle in your order, we will jump right on melting more wax so we can get your order shipped out to you as quickly as possible. Obviously, we’ll need to wait for your candle to cool to ship it, but your shipment won’t be delayed by more than a day or two and good things are worth the wait!

To ensure your candles are in tip top shape when they arrive, we ship on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesdays only during the summer months to reduce the change of your order ‘melting’ in a warehouse or delivery truck over a weekend.

During the holidays, order volumes are higher, so shipping may be slightly delayed as we work to fulfill orders.

We sure do! We know there are millions of people across the world who love our great country and we absolutely encourage patriots from around the globe to join our little family! We ship to Canada or Australia and everywhere in between (currently, we are not shipping to Guantanamo Bay, but they likely don’t want our candles there anyway!).