Proudly providing the highest quality candles in America, America’s Candle Company is the number one source for premium candles that are completely made in America. There are many patriots across the globe and we are proud to send our little jars of awesome from coast to coast and around the world. 

What happens when you take a couple from the city who run a digital marketing company in Nevada, an organic farmer who grows plants and animals in Idaho and mix them up with a pandemic and Patriotic love for our country?

You get some people who decide to get out of dodge and move to the middle-of-nowhere Montana to create sun-melted, hand poured candles that smell amazing! Yes, I did say sun melted. In addition to trading in our sports cars for 4-wheel drives and our business attire for jeans and flannels, we have traded the convenience of on-the-grid power for solar-powered, off-the-grid living, so yes, our candles are melted by the sun.

While we continue with our previous career endeavors, we’ve started a new journey of surrounding ourselves with tons (literally) of soy wax, wonderful scents and the joy of sending a little bit of heaven to Americans across our beautiful country. Thank you for a being a part of our journey!

From our 100% American sourced materials to our hand-crafted candles, providing the absolute best customer service is always our number one goal. We offer limited scents and collections to meet almost every customer’s preference – including our signature Patriot Candles. Our mission is to be the best candle company in America. We enjoy creating new scents and serving American charities with a portion of every, single candle purchased.

Contact us today or shop our current candle collection and find out why so many customers have found their company for premium, American made candles is America’s Candle Company.