Our candles start with 100% premium soy wax, grown and processed in the heartland of America by the farmers our country loves. We source all of our materials and supplies as locally as possible to ensure we are supporting local businesses and economies and being good stewards of the earth.
Every single ingredient is a 100% USA made product. We melt our wax in small batches, carefully hand blend our fragrances and hand pour each candle with care and hospitality, right here in Big Sky Country. Each masterpiece is then carefully packaged and sent off to provide hours of amazing scent to your home and across America.
Our candles are free of dyes and toxic substances, so you can enjoy them without worry. We hope you love burning them as much as we love making them!

Our candles are a much better quality and here's why


              100% Soy wax from America.

The main ingredient in every candle we craft is wax. It is important to us to use the best quality wax so choosing 100% natural soy wax was an easy choice. It’s what we prefer to burn in our homes, so, it’s what we use in our candles. Our wax can carry a heavier scent load than many, so your candles will smell heavenly! The most pure soybeans come from prime, fruitful  and rich ground in America. That’s why the wax we use is the richest, most consistent wax in the world.


       All of our wicks are lead and zinc free.

Our candle wicks are a flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton. This reinforces the  construction and makes for a more consistent burn. This is very important when it comes to softer, more mellow scents. The excellent rigidity of our wick allows the them to stay upright for longer and keeps the wick more rigid with melted wax surrounding it. If there is any carbon buildup after a few hours of burn, you should extinguish and trim the wick.


       All of our scents are made in America.

Scent creates ambiance, largely by using memory recall, so when it came to finding a scent supplier, we took the job very seriously. Our scents are safe for your home, 100% free of any toxins, and are also made in the United States. All of our scents are hand blended, so you can be sure you will never find another scent just like it. Meticulously measuring our scent recipes ensures that you get the same consistent scents every single time you order. 


Every, single candle we craft is unique and not mass produced. We purchase our jars from a wide varity of companies and the jars change on a frequent basis. As a small business (all 3 of us) we understand the importance of quality and we inspect each and every jar for imperfections. Some imperfections add character so those jars get utilized. Any jar not passing our inspection gets saved for our own personal use!


Our labels are printed right in our home, allowing the ability to customize labels as requested. We do our own in-house design, ensuring even our labels have our personal touch!

With each candle name being inspired by a person or event, our goal is to make our candle names and descriptions thought-provoking or humorous. A true conversation piece or conversation starter!



With the increasing cost of gas comes an increase in shipping costs. We are doing everything we can to make shipping reasonable including sharing in the cost of shipping- and if you order more candles, that helps as it costs us the same amount to ship a single candle as it does to ship four candles. As our orders increase, we receive a bigger discount from our shipper, so get your patriotic friends ordering candles!